Northside Beach

A local secret for many years, Northside Beach is just a short walk beyond Eastport Beach's boardwalk. It's a real hidden gem on the Eastport Peninsula as Northside Beach is far longer than Eastport Beach, less crowded and boasts the same beautiful sandy beach.


Eastport Beach

Eastport Beach has been a summer destination of Newfoundlanders for decades. The beautiful sandy beach is a great draw hosting the annual Seafest summer festival who's festivities attract all ages. Its central location in Eastport, meandering boardwalk and convenient parking make Eastport Beach a wonderful attraction on the Eastport Peninsula.

Sandy Cove Beach

Located in Sandy Cove, not far from Eastport, Sandy Cove Beach faces south toward Terra Nova National Park. This beach is cradled by the sheltered cove and receives most of the summer sunshine which helps to make its waters relatively warmer. The best parking can be found Down Below and at the nearby Crooked Tree Park which is beautiful in it own right.